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China rain shower head
China rain shower head
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At the same time, more than a hundred river lanterns will be placed on the virtual river surface of the 'Ching Ming Shanghe Tu Exhibition Area' on the second floor of the exhibition, showing the scene of the ancient Lantern Festival lighting and wishing in a virtual and real way. The control button of the 'golden toilet' is at the user's hand, which not only has a more powerful cleaning and sterilization function, but also automatically plays music.

The seven commemorative exhibition series seals are the Bull and Tiger bronze case, the Beijing Pavilion Temple of Heaven, the Tianjin Pavilion, the more than one chapter, the Congo (Brazzaville) large sculpture, and the specially designed Li Chun chapter, the lantern lantern chapter and the February month chapter.    

On February 4th and 5th, the hall will provide chapter knocking service. Only when you find the 'world's more comfortable bathroom' experience voucher in the lucky High Pressure Handheld Shower Head Manufacturers bag, you can experience it for yourself.According to reports: The reporter learned from the Shanghai World Expo Commemorative Exhibition today that the museum has specially designed the 'Fifteenth Lunar River Lantern Wish Chapter' for the upcoming Lantern Festival, and recently added two exciting exhibits: once hidden in the Japanese industry The 'golden toilet' in the 'comfortable bathroom in the world' of the museum, and the robot climbing on the outer wall of the Japan

Industry Hall. It is reported that during the Shanghai World Expo, 'comfortable toilets' are not available to all tourists. Apricot flower is the February flower of the twelve flower gods in Chinese tradition. At the beginning, the Japan Industrial Museum sent a 'fu bag' to every visitor to the exhibition hall. The 'golden toilet' that was once hidden in the 'comfortable bathroom in the world' of the Japan Industrial Pavilion and the robot climbing on the outer wall of the Japan Industrial Pavilion have appeared in the 'Little Expo' '. The Expo venue chapters in February are the British

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I accidentally fell into the water and choked a few sips of water? I believe that all children want to have their own small bath, avoiding the bathroom In this small space, compete with adults for the 'big guys' in the kingdom of giants in fairy tales. The outer ring of the toilet seat on it is the size of an adult toilet, and the inner ring is the size of a child. The children's toilet is specially designed for 15-year-old children. The wooden seat ring gently cares for the small butt.    

children's bathroom products are humanized products, not only designed for children's lives, but also bring some convenience to parents. The water level was too high and I couldn’t sit firmly. These children's bathroom products are very different from traditional products, such as: proportions, appearance design, use functions. The toilet is designed according to the child's leg length and hip circumference. The free walking toilet ladder is based on the size of a 3-4 year old child, and the distance between the pedals is calculated. The shape is the same as an adult toilet. The convenient small hanging chair, as long as the width of the suitable metal bracket is adjusted according to the distance between the two sides of the bathtub, it can be suspended in the bathtub, allowing children to soak in the water to enjoy the fun of bathing.

The toilet lid is lightweight and very lightweight.Have you ever tried such unlucky things when you were a kid: When you went to the toilet, the toilet was too high, you had to stand on tiptoe so hard to reach it, your butt was too small, and the toilet seat was too big, always afraid that you would fall into the toilet? I took a bath with my mother in the bathtub. , Children can flexibly climb up and down to the toilet by themselves, and can easily 'solve problems' without relying on adults.

Put the ladder on the adult toilet. Bathroom Hand Shower for Muslim Self Cleaning Suitable for children's strength..     Chaozhou Green Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd. has launched a series of children's bathroom products (children's toilet, pedestal, urinal, squatting pan--).     The 'floating chair' in the bathtub, the big bathtub, even though the walls are slippery, the bathtub can be equipped with a 'floating chair'. The slightly convex shape of the seat is mainly to prevent the child's urine from leaking out. With the birth of children's bathroom products, parents no longer need to hold their children to go to the bathroom, or stand by and supervise their children, worrying about accidents when children use adult bathroom products

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There were 4 satisfactory votes, and the on-site evaluation satisfaction rate was 79 points. Adding the two, the comprehensive score of Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Bank of Nanjing yesterday was 81. We will actively create conditions for the relocation of the original outlets in the future. A total of 100 evaluation forms were issued, 100 evaluation forms were recovered, and 100 valid votes, of which 55 were satisfactory, 24 were relatively satisfactory, and 17 were not satisfied.53 points. The lobby manager of the outlet will contact the nearest bathroom and take them to solve the problem. Liu Bing, deputy general manager of the business department of the Jiangsu branch of China Construction Bank

Recently, many people have reported this problem. The president responded: 'Difficulty in going to the toilet' will definitely solve a media observer: We know that many customers have to go to the toilet while waiting in line for the bank, and it's been over after going out to find the number, and it's a waste of time. Intern Dong Meng's evaluation result 3 The bank’s comprehensive score is 81. The three banks all stated that they will set up toilets in bank branches to solve the problem of customers’ difficulty in accessing toilets. Regarding the issue of personal account fund security that citizens are concerned about, banks also said that it is wrong to transfer customer funds privately and will never do so..

67 points. What about the bank? considerate?     Huang Jianzhong, Vice President of Bank of China Jiangsu Branch: All the renovated business halls of Bank of China Dual Function Hand Held Sprayer have toilets for customers outside, and the coverage rate has reached more than 90%.

We have not done it yet.53 points.Yesterday, Jiangsu Bank of China, Jiangsu Construction Bank and Bank of Nanjing entered the public service industry review live broadcast hall in Nanjing 2012 to accept comments from citizens. We have installed toilets in some of the newly renovated outlets. I apologize to you, and actively create conditions to solve this problem. The satisfaction rate of on-site evaluation data accounted for 80%, and the daily evaluation score accounted for 20% of 91. This problem can definitely be solved.     President of the Bank of Nanjing Xia Ping: We have considered this issue

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This kind of toilet design is suitable for single-family houses and multi-user houses, and the cost per person per day is only a few pennies. Carbide can provide heat, minerals can be China Bidet Sprayer used to improve soil structure, and water can be used to flush toilets and wash hands.    

This system uses a process called uninterrupted thermal hydrogen alkylation. This process can kill all pathogenic bacteria and produce a valuable material that can be used safely. The Water Resources, Sanitation and Health Care Program has invested 370 million US dollars for research in this area. The '    

Gates Foundation Water Resources, Sanitation and Health Care Program is part of the organization's global development plan. The research focuses on sustainable health services that can benefit everyone, including the poor. It aims to solve the problems of agricultural development and financial services that affect the poorer people in the world but are not given full attention. Toilet samples designed by British scientists This award was awarded to a research team at Loughborough University for their design of toilet samples

But when he stayed in Building 12, he never lived in the high-class VIP bedroom on the second floor, but always lived in the suite where the VIP suite on the first floor lived. For example, when the house of Vice Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Chen Yi was renovated, he and his wife Zhang Qian stayed in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse for a period of time. Putting such a big bed in the bedroom has very limited room for people to move around, but Chairman Mao seems to be happy in it.     Premier Zhou is used to living in Building 5. For example, in 1970 and 1971, Kissinger, who was the special envoy of the US President, came to China

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If you are at home now, please enter your bathroom and take a few photos. I heard that the general bathroom is like this:

A bathroom can basically reflect the owner’s taste, personality, living habits, etc. However, if you want to improve your bathroom, it’s not difficult. If you plan to repair the bathroom and have limited appreciation for yourself, you are choosing bathroom facilities. At that time, these few tips may as well be used for reference:

1. Toilet: Please choose your own throne wisely

The toilet is almost the most important facility in the bathroom. The quality of a toilet is not only related to the overall design of the bathroom, but also related to your laxative mood and health, so please treat it with caution.

In the previous report on toilet design by Design Addiction, many types of toilet designs were mentioned, but in actual selection, you should choose according to your own needs.

The designer’s first consideration when designing the bathroom is the appearance, but the appearance of toilets on the market is roughly the same. Under normal circumstances, the toilets of well-known brands have applied ergonomics in the appearance design, so there is no need to worry about the appearance. .

In addition, for the China PVC Hoses of environmental protection, most designers choose to use water-saving toilets. In addition, the ceramic glaze must be smooth, so as to prevent foreign objects from sticking to it and causing blockage, which can reduce maintenance.

2. Toilet lid: you don’t think you need it, but life is indispensable

Here, the toilet cover includes a toilet seat.

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